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It’s never too early to get a head start...

 Our charter

  • Provide the child with emotional and physical security.
  • To trust the child’s ability and creativity.
  • Involve the parents in the core of the pedagogical project.
  • Follow the child’s rhythm.
  • Ensure to the child an individualized care.
  • Promote the child’s awareness and autonomy.
  • Support the child in his emotions and needs.
  • Ensure a smooth socialization preparing to school.


SMART Boards Introduced !

How smart is a SMART Board in an Early Childhood Classroom?


Koala Nursery is using the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with interactive boards designed for the whole class teaching.


Every day is different. We have some exciting interactive games to promote the understanding of various areas of learning including Maths and English,French,Arabic… The Smart Board is really useful for researching children's interests as for example discovering the life cycle of a butterfly…

We use it for drawing, science and story-making too. The children use clip art to drop and drag illustrations or use the recording function to make their own animated stories. Sometimes we use it at group time for interactive stories.


Why use a Smart Board in early childhood settings?

Children are growing up in a world that is increasingly dominated by digital technology. Experts confirm that preschool age children are developmentally ready and able to benefit from interaction with technology.

The use of educational technology is now known to have a major, positive impact on the social, emotional, language, and cognitive development of children. It is recommended that many opportunities be given during the preschool years for exploration using technology tools in a playful, supportive environment.


What are the benefits?

An Interactive whiteboard brings learning to life and is helpful to all children of all ages and abilities, increasing their attention span which directly impacts on their learning.